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Pork Slaughtering & Processing

Sanders Meats slaughters and processes local cattle and hogs weekly in our USDA Inspected plant. USDA inspectors are in the plant daily.

Sanders Meats also does custom beef and pork slaughtering and processing. All cuts of your pork are vacuum packaged to last months in your freezer.

Please view the form below if your interested in buying an aminal from us or if your want to bring in your own animal for processing.





                  BEEF                                                 PORK

                                          $60.00 KILL FEE                                    $40.00 KILL FEE                          

                    $0.45 LB. CUT AND VACUUM SEAL*            $0.45 CUT AND VACUUM SEAL*

                                                                                  $0.50 SMOKING FEE