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Deer Processing


All deer processing includes: skinning, washing, cutting, vacuum seal packaging, labeling, boxing, and freezing.
Your venison can be made into our famous snack sticks, salami, and brats.
Smoking options: Smoked Bone-In Rounds or Smoked Boneless Netted Rounds (Venison is injected/pumped with curing brine)
Add bacon, beef, pork, or beef suet to burger available.We do not accept any road kill deer. Deer Meat not properly cleaned will not be processed.


Joseph T. Sanders, the founder of Sanders Meats is standing in one of the coolers with over 60 deer during the 1950's.




Joseph T. Sanders and his friend pose with their Canadian prize moose.


David Sanders and Derek Sanders pose with their whitetail bucks.   


 Get Your venison made into our famous Sanders Salami.                                                   Get your venison made into our famous Sanders Snack Sticks.